Homeschool Support Meeting

Now that I am settled into my new home, and the crazy sickies have all disappeared, I can be more active in documenting my homeschool experience. I am super excited about it! So I have started a support group for homeschoolers in Davis County, UT. So far they have been great! I hold them at my home every last Tuesday of the month at 8pm. For those who may start to follow my blog, email me at for an address if you are interested in attending.

My husband set up a website for homeschoolers in Davis County. It is , and that is where I would usually post my notes about the meetings. But we are experiencing some server issues so I will post the notes here and my husband will set up a link on the website to this blog. Sorry for the confusion everyone. I will only post notes from a meeting if it seems helpful. Not all meetings will have notes posted.

I started the meetings in January and due to a snow storm, not many were able to attend. This last meeting we had quite the turn out and from several cities! Bountiful, Farmington, Layton and Syracuse were all represented this last meeting. It was so fun to meet all of you and I hope to see you at future meetings.

Here are the notes from this last meeting!

Conferences and Forums

March 15-16 Family Forum (Tjed) I have been to one of these and loved it!

June 14-15 UHEA convention

Advice and other Homeschooling support

Advice #1

Track your homeschooling for college transcripts. You can use this tool

There looks to be some cost involved, but not a lot. The most important thing to track is service hours!

Advice #2

Teach with the spirit. Have a family devotional to get started with the spirit. If things get rough, stop what you are doing and get the spirit back.

Advice #3

Mississippi GED is commonly used for military kids, possibly the easiest and can be used by anyone. I do not have more details on this, if anyone else does, please share.

Advice #4

If you want your kids to have good penmanship, teach them to knit!

Advice #5

Some kids have a really hard time writing fast enough for their thoughts. Have them dictate to you what they want to say as you write it. Then later they can type it up.

Kimber Academy also mentioned. Very Christian based curriculum also looks like it is very LDS influenced. I didn’t know about Kimber Academy but seems like it is worth looking into. Any other thoughts on Kimber Academy please share.

Williamsburg Academy

Da Vinici Academy

Capitol Hill Academy all mentioned as well. You can google any of these for more information.

Latter-day Learning –The Family School

Bob Jones University

Michelle Duggar’s books

Resource Books

Charlotte Mason Companion

Well Trained Mind

Where to go for good stuff



Sams’ club

Library (Latter-day family Resources) They also have a store in Payson,UT.

Useful websites (selling and buying used books) (you can read reviews for various curriculum)

Teaching Help

Preach My Gospel

New LDS youth Curriculum


A House United by Nicholeen Peck


See Hear Do This is for teaching letters and sounds.


Bob books

Words in color (google it) I think this was for spelling as well.

“Teach Your Child to Read in100 Easy Lessons”

“Ordinary Parents Guide to To Teaching Reading”


Institute for Excellence in Writing


Getty Dubay for printable writing paper

Writing Workshop (I didn’t write enough notes on this. Anyone want to expound on this?)

Knitting can be useful for helping with penmanship! So teach your kids to knit if you want to be able to read their writing!



Life of Fred (just google this, you can get it on and they have a facebook page)

Teaching textbooks

Use quad paper. You can get it at Walmart and such.


“America the Beautiful” and “We the People” by Charlene Notgrass

Christen based history curriculum you can learn more at Looks like they have a lot of good stuff there.

“All Through the Ages: History through Literature Guide” (you can get this through

“Story of the World” (you can get this through Based on Character Traits

History Odyssey (just google it)


Apologia Science

Christian based science program. Teaches about the creation more than evolution from what I understand. another Christian based program.

Foreign Languages

Muzzy language course for children (google it)

Netflix (Spanish channel) (Sesame Street in Spanish)



Kangaroo Zoo

Yoga class

Park Days

Free Museum and Zoo days

Treehouse Museum

Please list any other activities you know of, especially if they are low cost or free!

Possible Learning Disabilities or Learning Enhancement Resources

National Association for Child Development


For Fine motor skills follow Melanie Hill on Pinterest (I hope I got the name right. Couldn’t really read my writing.) She also suggested things like play dough and using a water bottle to water plants.


As you can see, we had a very productive meeting.  Please comment any other suggestions or resources you know of. I will try to list them on as well.